Together: Cold&Dark

What goes together better?

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Giveaway!! (finally)


Alrighty ladies and gents, for my two thousand follower mark (2,074 now, sorry I’m late) I’m doing a giveaway to say thank you for all of you who have been there for me when times have been hard. So to say thanks I’ll be awarding one lucky follower with ~~


The Guardians: Nicholas St. North…

Only ten more days!

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simplegift96 asked: Jack! The weather's finally getting colder after so many months of hot summer. I'm looking forward to seeing you and your snow again! :)

I aim to please, Sweetheart, and I’m looking forward to being back. ~*Smiles*~ 

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frozen-queen-of-arendelle asked: "Jack?" Elsa said seeing the back of his head. She walked up to him smiling.

Matters which one you’re looking for, Sweetheart. ~*He smiles and turns around to her, his golden eyes flaring*~ 

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storm-hawks-clipsy asked: The dark queen walked around the forest, raising her hand to bring up a dark liquid with a light gleam in it. She brought it down into the ground, making dozens of trees tremble. She looked at them and laughed a bit. "All the power.." She said to herself, smirking. She walked off and looked up, seeing a boy with a staff. Black orbs stared up at him. A brow was then raised as the queen walked to him. She sneered and caught his attention. "What are you doing in MY forest?" She asked, grabbing him.

~*He looks her up and down and smirks*~ Your forest? What makes you think you are entitled to own the earth? That’s so very …. human of you. But *~He looks at her again, closer this time*~ you’re not human though, not really. You’re a guardian, aren’t you?